About the Property

The Onyx Ranch has a long and rich history in the South Fork Valley. William Scodie began irrigating the ranch in 1861. Over the 150 year history ownership has changed from time to time. The Rudnick family held the ranch the longest from 1931 until it was sold to ReNuable Resources in 2009. The 3,300 acre property is an amazing combination of rocky terrain, riparian habitat, irrigated pastures and meadows, and irrigated farm fields. There are ditches, barns, stables, ranch houses, and even the historic Onyx Store.

onyx-store Onyx Store
Headquarters Headquarters
Meadows Meadows
South Fork Valley South Fork of the Kern River.
Onyx Field Names Onyx Field Names
Irrigated-FarmingIrrigated Farming
Onyx-regional-location-map Onyx Regional Location Map
Canal Diversion Structure Canal Diversion Structure

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