One project is the purchase of 3,300 acres of property (commonly referred to as the Onyx Ranch) east of Lake Isabella in order to acquire certain water rights associated with the property (“Onyx Project”). The Onyx Project brings together willing sellers of private property in the Kern River Valley and landowners in Rosedale to ensure a continued beneficial use of the water within Kern County and to mitigate water lost as a result of environmental restrictions in the Delta. The acquisition of the Onyx Ranch by a local Kern County water district ensures that our water supplies will be used to support our local economy and not go elsewhere.


“As a businessman and rancher, I’m very pleased that the Onyx Ranch property has been acquired by a local entity, comprised of farmers and ranchers, and that the water will stay in Kern County, benefitting our region for generations to come.” – Bruce Hafenfeld, Weldon, CA


“We are proud to be stewards of the Onyx Ranch and to preserve its historic place in our County. As farmers and ranchers we are dedicated to maximizing the beneficial use of our natural resources including the water that is so vital to Kern County.” – Roy Pierucci, President, Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District

Onyx Ranch Project | Bakersfield, California | Phone 661-589-6045